Raising awareness and funds for two good causes

Motor Neurone Disease Association

Motor neurone disease (MND) describes a group of diseases that affect the nerves (motor neurones) in the brain and spinal cord that tell your muscles what to do. With MND, messages from the motor neurons gradually stop reaching the muscles.

Unfortunately, MND is life-shortening and there is no cure. Although the disease will progress, symptoms can be managed to help achieve the best possible quality of life.

The MND Association focuses on MND care, research and campaigning and their vision is a world free from MND. All proceeds for the MND Association from Burrow 7 fundraising is invested into ground-breaking MND research that will take us ever closer to the discovery of new treatments and ultimately a cure.

Leeds Hospitals Charity

Leeds Hospitals Charity support NHS staff to deliver the best care for over a million patients and their families each year. Working with local communities, schools and businesses across the city and beyond.

Buying a membership to a horse will help Leeds Hospitals Charity build the Rob Burrow centre for MND,  a hub of innovationeducation and excellence for MND in the region, bringing together holistic patient-centred care and excellent nursing standards in a purpose-built environment.

The brand-new centre will see all MND services housed under one roof for the first time, in an accessible location conscious of the needs of those who visit. Supporting all aspects of the patient’s journey, the centre will create comfortable and peaceful surroundings for patients and their families, including space to reflect after difficult conversations.



Burrow Seven may be retiring early but he has achieved so much in his short career. He has raised over £100,000 for the MND Association and has brought legions of rugby league fans into racing. It’s only right his next career will enable him to continue to hog the limelight and get more attention.

Jedd O’Keeffe , Racing Horse Trainer


The donations have already enabled from the MNDA to funds lots of research. It’s helping us to better understand what causes MND so we can look at designing and developing better treatments and hopefully one day a cure.

Jen Scribbens ,Regional Fundraiser,MND Association

Burrow Seven has a lot to look forward to in retirement. He already looks the part with his grey hair! Rob and I are committed to ensure he’s well looked after in his new role. Like me, he quite likes the limelight, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of him in the future!

Barrie McDermott , Rugby League Legend


Raised for MND Association so far

Member Reviews

“My husband and I are now into our second season supporting Burrow Seven. Last season we watched him give his heart for us, for Rob, and for all the people who suffer from motor neurone disease. I cannot wait for the thrills that this season is going to bring.“

Louise Shackleton

“Why support the campaign? Rob is one of my sporting heroes. He inspired thousands of Leeds Rhinos and rugby fans on the pitch. The courage and fortitude Rob is showing as a loving family man fighting his own battle will inspire millions.”

Colin Baker

“I’m glad to see that so many people have enjoyed their yard visits to see Burrow Seven. For many of them it may be their first involvement in our great sport. If members get some fun out of their membership as well as helping to raise funds for the charity, then that is a good definition of success.”

Noel Scaling

Business members

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